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Engage kids in Spanish using fun activities & catchy songs to teach the language of daily life.

We created SingALingo after we learned what worked  -- with our own kids & our students.  You will feel the love behind the songs, and know that our activities have been time tested and used in classes all over the world.

Enjoy our original songs, videos & activities.  They are based on research and what we know about how kids develop.

Do You Ask These Questions?

Our teachers tend to come to us with one of these problems to solve.

1.   Is my Spanish good enoug

I took Spanish  in high school and am open to learning more, and I already teach pre-school, but how do I add Spanish? I need help.  

2.   How is teaching young kids different than older kids?

I know Spanish.  I am either a heritage or native speaker, and I know how to teach it to older kids, but how do I teach young children?

3.  How do I use my Spanish skills to teach well?  

I am a native Spanish speaker and I want to use my Spanish in my teaching or in my child-rearing.  Help me to know how.


Our Activity Plans include videos that will train you to bring language to young people, easily & naturally.

PiƱa loves explaining WHY she does things, so you will learn a lot from her videos.

Could You Use Some Tips on Your Spanish Journey with Kids?

At SingALingo we like to share what we've learned.  Over the years, we have taught in pre-schools, summer camps, and at home to our own children using our unique songs, chants and moves to keep them engaged and learning practical, useful phrases. 

We are good sharers, and offer you what we have learned along the way, reading, learning, and trying loads of approaches and activities to engage young children.

Families Love SingALingo